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Welcome to the Studio....

We are a specialty foam sculptures, foam props, foam displays, foam decorations, foam window displays and foam sign shop located in East Orlando, Florida. Basically, we sculpt in EPS foam, Rigid and Soft Urethane Foam, and even Flexible Silicone Foam. These Foam materials are perfect for Indoor and outdoos signs, props  and sculptures.  Once the Sign, Prop  or sculpture has been carved it then is coated to give it a hard shell.  Foam signs are unaffected by tempature and moisture.  The sign, props and sculptures do not split or crack and do not rot or decompose.  Foam Monument signs and sculptures are used for entrance ways of many businesses while many resturants, retail stores, and trade show exhibits have foam sculptures and props created to match their themeing.

We can also make foam and plastic replica props of your favorite items by creating a rubber mold and then recast it with different plastics. 

We pride ourselves on solving a need you may have.  Take a look around and contact us if you have questions...

Tools, Coatings, Mold Making Materials and Classes.
See our site for all the tools and supplies you need for your work.  Even sign up for a class ! 

Take a look at our line of mold making rubber and plastic casting materials.

Purchase The Supplies You Need..
We have all the Foam art supplies and tools that you will need.  Hotwire Tools, Foam Coatings and mold makeing materials like brush on rubber and casting materials. We are an authorized Demand Products and Hotwire Foam Factory Dealer! 

Foam Sculpture and Shape Coatings.

A Custom Foam Sculpture Sign For Your Business

We make sculpted foam signs for many in Orlando, Florida.  However, we can make your sign no matter where you are located in the U.S.
A themed foam sign can be created for inside or outside your business.  We can even make you a custom booth for your trade show events.

Contact Dino Directly to have him and his team sculpt your new Foam Sign !

No Project is to small and every creation receives the upmost of attention.

RIGHT: Sample Foam Sign.

Liquid Foam, Rubber and Plastics

Dino Rentos Studios urethane and silicone rubbers are used by sculptors for casting wax, resins, plaster, liquid foam and other materials to make accurate reproductions of original sculptures and creations.

Projects - Dino Rentos Studios wide range of rubber molding and casting materials includes mold rubbers that can be pourable and brushable to any original sculpture and will reproduce the detail perfectly.

You then can cast a duplicate in Rigid and Soft Foam, Liquid Plastic and Rubber.

Visit The Studio Store

If your an artist that sculpts in Foams, including EPS foam, you will want to vist the Studio Store.
All the Hotwire tools even the proper foam coating you will need for your sculpture.

We carry all your favorite products all in one place.  Save on shipping and time !

We carry Hotwire Foam Factory, Demand Products and our own custom products !

Our New Hotwire Foam Cutting Tools

See our New Foam Hotwire cutter in the Studio Store.

We have both 110 volt and battery operated versions !

This is a must have for the serious crafter...

8" High x 6" Deep Opening
On/Off Trigger Switch
Pilot Light Shows When On
110 Volt Operation

Foam CNC Cutter - Now Available !

The FC2913 Automatic Foam Hotwire cutter is a cost effective 4 independent axis foam cutter. The machine is light weight and can be stored away when not in use.
29" effective cutting on the X axis (Horizontal)
12" effective cutting on the Y axis (vertical)
50" wire length.
Used by RC hobbyists, modelers, Moldings, RC kit makers, packaging and Aeronautical departments in universities and colleges.
The FC2913 is designed to cut with hotwire EPS foam (Expanded Polystyrene),
XPS (Extruded Polystyrene), and EPP foam

We Carry Hotwire Foam Factory Carving Tools !!!

A must have for the hobbist or professional. Our full range of Hotwire tools are what youl need

Used by artists and sculptors, architects, florists, interior designers, sign makers, shipping departments, Hollywood theatrical sets builders, animation studios, trade show booth designers, retailers with window, wall, and floor displays, and so many more.

Used for Department 56 village displays, model railroad scenery, holiday decorations, home décor, school projects, home and yard ornaments, gaming terrain, miniature modeling, signs, RC boats and planes, floral displays, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Who Uses Foam?

Who Uses Foam and Why?

We've discovered there's an increasing number of industries as well as individuals starting to use foam. Here are just a few:

  • Architects
  • Art Departments
  • Point Of Purchase P.O.P.
  • Hobby/Craftsmen
  • Models
  • Model Railroad
  • Foam Manufacturers
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Store Displays
  • Sign Shops
  • Foam Letters
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Entertainment
  • Retail Prop Displays
  • Theatre Props & Backdrops
  • Movie Sets & Scenery
  • Construction Applications
  • Subdivision Signage
  • Monuments
  • Landscape Designers
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Packaging
  • Theme Parks
  • Concrete Moldings
  • Ornamental Columns
  • Holiday Sculptures
  • RC Aircraft
  • Prop Building

Our Services Include

Our Foam Sign and Sculpting Services include: Custom Work, Movie Set Props, Prom or Homecoming Decorations / Props, Theater Sets, Trade Show Displays, Architectural Shapes, Amusement / Theme Parks, 3D Sculpting, Store Window Displays, Marketing Displays, Kids Theme Rooms, Murals, Festivals, Parade Floats, Church Theme Displays, Weddings, Halloween Props, Christmas Decorations, Holiday Parties, Fine Art Replication, Nightclubs, Signs, Billboards, Faux Landscape, Wedding Themes, Unique Props, Super Sized Props, Scenery Sets, Pirate Themes, High Five Sports Hand, Foam Creations, Tiki Statues, Signs, Parade Floats, Monument Signs, Puppet Stages, Kids Rooms, Beach Themes, Skull's, Halloween, 3D Billboards, Cartoon Creations, Syrofoam Balls, Putt Putt Golf Coarse, Hard Coating, Cutting Foam, Foam Creations, Retail Props, Restaurant / Hotel Themes, Sports Props, Museum / Exhibits, Rock Props, Auto Dealerships, Rental Props, Sculptor, Prototypes Models, Graveyard Tomestones, Church Themeing, Giant Fruit Displays, Cemetary for Haunted Houses, Dragon Heads, Mannequins.  Molding Materials. Molding Rubbers (Urethane and Silicone), Rigid Liquid Casting Foam, Flexible Liquid Casting Foam, Urethane Casting Plastics, Classes available on Mold Making and casting for wax, plaster, foam and other materials.  Foam letters and logos. Retail Props Displays, Event and Party Props, Road Side Attractions

Dino Rentos Studios is an Authorized Dealer for:  Foamlinx CNC, Hotwire Foam Factory, Demand Products

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